With ILS, the world is an open book.

ILS is your personal connection to language and cultural experts – native-speaking professional translators and subject specialists – all over the world.

We began providing translation/interpreter services in 1981. Today, we provide high-quality translation services, short-term group language instruction and local interpreter services.

More importantly, our work comes with nearly 30 years’ experience, expertise in industries worldwide, and a stellar reputation for being thoroughly professional, technically savvy and extremely client-focused. 

Whoever you are – an entrepreneur, business development organization or multinational Fortune 500 company, an individual or a government agency – ILS is here to share our insights with you.

Confidentiality assured.

Our work often requires dealing with proprietary information. ILS ensures confidentiality and security every step of the way. Just call us at 1.800.457.4220 (locally 419.865.4374); we’ll set up password-protected access to our FTP site for easy, secure transmission. Our role is to function as your trusted partner.

Our objective is to achieve the best possible results, whatever the task, for you and your organization.

Most ILS translators are certified by the American Translators Association for professional translators and interpreters in the United States (www.atanet.org).



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